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The objective of COMERCIAL PLÁSTICOS KIRA, S.L. is to meet the needs and expectations of its clients through the right undertaking and continuous improvement of polyethylene pipe manufacturing, encompassing its activity in a context of absolute professionalism by its personnel, effectiveness of its work and availability of the best resources and infrastructures available. At COMERCIAL PLÁSTICOS KIRA, S.L. we use virgin raw materials, but mainly recycled materials, owing to which monitoring quality parameters during production is of vital importance to guarantee, maintain and improve the quality of our products. In order to achieve these objectives, the General Management of COMERCIAL KIRA, S.L. has established some priority items:

a) To manage the entire Organisation through principles of internationally recognised quality in order to offer an increasingly more efficient service and continuously improving the performance of our processes.

b) To carry out all our activity taking our clients as the fundamental centrepiece.

c) To assume the need for and importance of continuous improvement, guaranteeing a good service and the quality of our products at affordable price, fulfilling the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

d) To cooperate in the rational use of raw materials, based on working with recycled materials thus providing for a market of clients who require the best possible pipes at reasonable prices.

e) To be concerned with and taking steps to prevent workplace accidents and occupational illnesses, and to work towards continuous improvement in health conditions at the workplace.

More specifically COMERCIAL PLÁSTICOS KIRA, S.L. undertakes to:

1. Continuously improve the activities by COMERCIAL PLÁSTICOS KIRA, S.L. in all aspects of the QMS that are to be applied and base such on the established indicators in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

2. Encourage active integration by the entire human team in the company through motivation and training in quality and prevention of occupational hazards in order to ensure that all employees are responsible for the quality of their work and compliance with the established standards for good quality and safety management in their jobs. All employees must be familiar and comply with the quality system, and take part in its development and implementation.

3. Ensure customer satisfaction at all times, improving work planning and inspection processes, and also ensuring continuous communication with our clients. 

4. Comply at all times with the demands imposed through applicable legislation and standards, as relevant to our services and prevention of occupational hazards, and whenever possible to improve on them.

5. Work with raw materials suppliers to improve the quality and safety of their services and products.

The General Management at COMERCIAL PLÁSTICOS KIRA, S.L. must ensure this Quality Policy is spread to all its workers and must ensure access to the quality manual. The Management must keep the Quality Policy up-to-date, and must disseminate and review it periodically so that it is suitably adapted to changes within the company at all times, to clients’ needs, legal compliance and continuous improvement, and therefore the following strategies and goals are established as the formal intentions of the company's policy:

The General Management of COMERCIAL PLÁSTICOS KIRA, S.L. undertakes to provide the necessary resources and means to ensure development of the Quality Policy. 


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